Navigating Career Progression in Automotive Repair


Career progression and skill development are crucial factors in the job satisfaction and retention of automotive technicians. To understand how these aspects are being addressed in the industry, CmySkills conducted a survey among our Instagram community of over 300,000 followers. The survey aimed to explore whether employers in the automotive repair sector provide a clear career path for technicians to advance in their roles, increase their pay, and improve their skills.

Survey Overview

The respondents were asked a straightforward question: “Does your employer offer a clear career path for you to increase your pay and improve your skills?” The aim was to gauge the level of career development support in the industry.


The survey responses present a divided picture:

Yes (57%): A majority, 57%, indicated that their employers do offer a clear career path. This suggests that many in the industry are recognizing the importance of structured career development for their employees.

No (43%): However, a significant 43% reported that their employers do not provide a clear career path. This highlights a gap in career development opportunities in a substantial portion of the industry.


These findings reveal a dichotomy in the industry’s approach to employee career progression and skill development:

1. Career Development as a Priority: The majority’s positive response indicates a trend where employers are increasingly focused on providing clear career pathways, recognizing that this is key to attracting and retaining skilled technicians.

2. Need for Improvement: The substantial minority indicating a lack of clear career paths points to a need for improvement in how some businesses in the industry handle employee career progression.

Conclusions and Recommendations

For Technicians:

1. Seek Employers That Support Career Growth: Technicians should prioritize finding employers who offer clear career development paths, as this can significantly impact job satisfaction and long-term career success.

2. Advocate for Career Pathways: If currently employed in a setting without clear career progression, consider discussing this with your employer or seeking mentorship and external training opportunities.

 For Employers:

1. Implement Structured Career Paths: Employers should strive to provide clear, structured career paths to their employees, including regular performance reviews, training programs, and defined criteria for advancement.

2. Communicate Opportunities: Clearly communicate available career paths and development opportunities to current and potential employees.

For the Industry:

1. Promote Industry Standards for Career Development: Industry leaders and associations should advocate for and help establish standards and best practices for career development within the industry.

2. Support Continuous Learning: Encourage ongoing education and training as part of the industry culture, ensuring that technicians have the opportunity to continuously improve their skills and advance in their careers.

The survey from CmySkills underscores the importance of clear career paths in the automotive repair industry. As the sector continues to evolve, prioritizing career development will be crucial in attracting and retaining skilled professionals, ultimately driving the success of businesses in this field.

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