Navigating the Factors Influencing Technician Pay: Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Community


In the ever-competitive landscape of the automotive repair industry, understanding the determinants of technician pay is crucial for both employers and employees. To delve into this topic, CmySkills conducted a survey among our Instagram community of over 300,000 followers. The goal was to uncover the primary factors influencing pay structure in the industry: skills, time in position, or subjective factors.

Survey Overview

The survey asked participants to identify the basis of their pay structure: whether it is primarily determined by their skills, the time they have spent in their current position, or subjective factors.


The responses from our community shed light on the current pay structure trends in the automotive repair sector:

Skills (55%): More than half of the respondents, 55%, indicated that their pay is primarily based on their skills. This suggests a strong emphasis on technical proficiency and expertise in determining compensation.

Time in Position (28%): A significant portion, 28%, reported that their pay is based on the duration of time spent in their current position. This points towards a traditional seniority-based pay structure still prevalent in parts of the industry.

Subjective Factors (16%): A smaller group, 16%, feel that their compensation is influenced by subjective factors. This could include elements like employer discretion, negotiation skills, or other non-standardized criteria.


The survey results offer several insights into the compensation practices within the automotive repair industry:

1. Skills as a Key Driver: The emphasis on skills as a primary factor for compensation aligns with the industry’s focus on technical expertise and the need for continuous upskilling in a rapidly evolving field.

2. The Role of Seniority: The significance of time in position as a determinant of pay highlights a more traditional approach to compensation, which may reflect an appreciation for experience and loyalty.

3. The Impact of Subjective Factors: While less prevalent, the influence of subjective factors on pay suggests variability in compensation practices and possibly points to the need for more standardized pay structures.

Conclusions and Recommendations

For Technicians:

1. Invest in Skill Development: Given the emphasis on skills, continuous learning and certification in emerging technologies can be a pathway to higher compensation.

2. Understand Your Value: Be aware of how your experience and time in your current position can influence your pay, and negotiate accordingly.

For Employers:

1. Develop Clear Compensation Structures: To attract and retain talent, creating transparent pay structures based on skills and experience can be beneficial.

2. Recognize and Reward Talent**: Employers should strive to objectively assess and compensate for the skills and contributions of their technicians, reducing reliance on subjective factors.

For the Industry:

1. Promote Standardized Pay Practices: Encouraging standardized compensation based on clearly defined skill levels and experience can help in maintaining fairness and competitiveness in the industry.

2. Support Professional Development: Industry-wide initiatives to support ongoing education and skill certification can contribute to a more skilled and appropriately compensated workforce.

The survey from CmySkills highlights varied factors influencing pay in the automotive repair industry. As the industry continues to evolve, adapting compensation practices to reflect the growing complexity and technological advancements in automotive repair will be key to maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce.

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