GM Head of Workforce Strategy Outlines Key Shift in People Strategy

In a recent feature in Automotive News, Tammy Golden, GM’s executive director of diversity, equity and inclusion and head of the automaker’s work force strategy discussed a key shift in a part of GM’s people strategy – General Motors has dropped a four-year degree requirement for many jobs, opting for a skills-based, people-focused hiring process instead. This skills-based focus is similar to the strategy behind the new CmySkills platform that helps technicians connect with shops, based on a two-tier skills matching matrix.  

GM has three pillars for its work force strategy:

  1. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consulting integration
  2. Work force innovation
  3. Work force design

Skills based hiring falls under the work force design pillar.  GM recently launched a high-tech transition pathway scholarship with Udacity, an organization that collaborates with industries to develop educational content to help workers advance in specific fields. 

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