AAA Research Shows Reverse Automatic Emergency Braking Isn’t Foolproof

Recent research conducted by AAA focused on evaluating the effectiveness of reverse automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems equipped with rear cross-traffic mitigation in four popular 2023 model-year vehicles. These systems are designed to reduce rear-end collisions by automatically applying brakes when encountering obstacles while reversing. The study aimed to assess their performance in scenarios involving backing out of parking spaces with obstructed views and encountering stationary obstacles such as child pedestrians.

Results indicated that the reverse AEB systems engaged brakes in 65% of backing-up test runs and prevented collisions in 2.5% of cases when the subject vehicle crossed behind the test vehicle. Similarly, when encountering stationary child pedestrians, the systems applied brakes in 75% of instances and prevented collisions in 50% of cases.

However, AAA emphasized that drivers should not solely rely on these systems but rather use them to supplement their awareness of surroundings. They recommended cautious backing up, especially when views are obstructed, and urged the automotive industry to enhance testing standards to ensure the effectiveness of these safety features in various real-world scenarios.

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