AI solutions for insurers and repair facilities helped CCC grow in 2023

In 2023, CCC saw significant growth in revenue, reaching $886.5 million, an 11% increase from the previous year, largely attributed to its advancements in AI solutions for insurers and repair facilities. Githesh Ramamurthy, CCC’s Chairman and CEO, highlighted the pivotal role of AI in the company’s success, noting a shift in client conversations towards addressing workforce retirement concerns alongside rising repair complexities. With an increasing number of skilled workers retiring, insurers face a knowledge gap, heightening the need for AI-driven solutions to streamline operations and bridge skill shortages efficiently.

Throughout the year, CCC witnessed remarkable milestones, including processing the highest number of auto claims in its history and doubling the adoption of AI-based solutions among insurers. Ramamurthy outlined various AI initiatives launched by CCC, from expanding mobile AI capabilities for field adjusters to introducing predictive tools like Impact Dynamics and Repair Cost Predictor. Looking ahead, CCC aims to further expand its network, tapping into the potential of an estimated 40,000 repair facilities and reinforcing partnerships with insurers and OEMs to drive continued growth and innovation in 2024.

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