ASA Opposes Oklahoma Auto Repair Price Cap Bill

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) is vehemently opposing Senate Bill (SB) 1853 in Oklahoma, arguing that its passage would significantly hinder automotive and collision repair businesses. Introduced on February 6, the bill proposes a set of maximum fees and labor charges that ASA believes are unjust and would make it harder for repair professionals to ensure vehicles are returned to safe operating conditions. ASA is urging industry members to rally against the bill by using its Taking the Hill advocacy platform to send letters to legislators, emphasizing the detrimental impact SB 1853 would have on their ability to conduct business effectively.

Some of the key points of contention highlighted by ASA include provisions that restrict charging for tower or wrecker services without markup, prohibit storage fees for repaired vehicles, limit storage fees for total-loss vehicles, and cap charges for vehicle disassembly and administrative activities. Scott Benavidez, Chairman of ASA’s Board of Directors, underscores the bill’s detrimental impact on independent auto repairers, arguing that it overlooks the individualized attention required for each vehicle and fails to acknowledge the challenges repairers face, such as prolonged vehicle storage due to delayed insurance claims processing.

Benavidez stresses the importance of fair compensation for repairers’ services, expressing concern that the bill’s fee limitations are inadequate and disrespectful to the industry’s needs and obligations.

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