ASA Urges Passage of Pro-Auto Repairer Bill in Michigan

The Automotive Service Association® (ASA) urges Michigan residents to contact their state legislators to support Senate Bill 867 to reduce regulatory burdens on independent automotive repair businesses. The bill would allow repair businesses with multiple facilities to operate under a single registration, provided the additional facilities meet specific criteria, such as being near the main facility and not operating independently. It would eliminate redundant registration fees, saving small businesses up to $500 per facility. The bill would also extend the registration renewal period from annually to up to four years, reducing administrative burdens. Additionally, it would increase the threshold for reporting stock sales or transfers in repair businesses owned by corporations from 10% to 25%.

ASA board members Roy Schnepper and Tom Piippo supported the bill, emphasizing its potential to ease compliance with state laws while allowing repairers to focus on providing high-quality service to customers. They argue that the legislation would help small independent auto repairers save time and money, crucial factors in running a successful repair business. 

At CmySkills, we greatly support initiatives to empower repair business owners – stay tuned for more industry news to come!

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