Customers Using Safe Driving App Have 25% Fewer Severe Collisions

At CmySkills community, we promote safety for drivers and technicians. We were pleased to find out that, according to data from Allstate and partner Arity, customers who use the DriveWise safe driving program drive significantly safer than those who don’t. Drivewise users are 25% less likely to have a severe collision. They also handle phones less frequently, speed less, and hard brake less — by up to 44% better than other drivers.

Drivewise is an optional app feature that provides driving feedback and potential insurance discounts. Across major U.S. cities, average Drivewise customers handle phones 44% less, drive at high speeds 23% less of the time, and hard brake 11% less compared to others. As Allstate’s Ginger Purgatorio notes, “customers who use Drivewise tend to drive safer” and can get in fewer accidents and save money. 

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