Embracing the Tools of Tomorrow: How Gen Z’s Shift to Trade Skills is Reframing Success

The employment landscape is shifting, with Generation Z gravitating towards skilled trade careers over traditional ‘desk jobs’. CmySkills.com, a community of over 500,000 members, is at the forefront of this change, championing the move away from the four-year degree and towards vocational education.

The Rise of the New Collar Worker

Young professionals are choosing vocational training over the once-coveted four-year degree. Enrollment in community college trade programs has seen a 16% increase from 2022 to 2023, particularly in construction-related fields. This isn’t a fleeting trend, but a thoughtful pivot towards industries that promise stability and growth.

Why Trade School? Follow the Money… and the Debt

The CmySkills.com community recognizes the economic savvy behind learning a trade. Median pay for construction workers surged over 5% to $48,089 last year, outpacing starting salaries in many ’email job’ sectors. This highlights that skilled trades offer not just a living, but the potential for a good living, without the burden of heavy student debt.

The CmySkills.com Advantage

CmySkills.com’s community embraces the human element in skilled trades, viewing them as less susceptible to automation. Their forums are vibrant with stories of members stepping into fulfilling careers, equipped with the necessary tools and training.

The New-Collar Boom

Gen Z is leading the charge towards a future where skilled labor is respected and sought after. CmySkills.com personifies this shift, supporting the idea that the future belongs to those who build it – literally. In this new era, the measure of a good job goes beyond the paycheck, encompassing the satisfaction of tangible work and the pride of a craft well-learned.

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