Ford Pro Insure Expands Commercial Auto Insurance to Indiana and Wisconsin

Ford Pro has expanded its offerings for commercial customers with Ford Pro Insure, a commercial vehicle insurance now available in Indiana and Wisconsin, adding to its presence in Arizona, Illinois, and Tennessee. Targeting the vast number of small businesses in these states, Ford Pro Insure aims to support efficient and productive fleet management through the right commercial auto insurance. Underwritten by The American Road Insurance Company (TARIC), a Ford subsidiary, and offered through Pie Insurance, Ford Pro Insure focuses on making commercial insurance affordable for small businesses.

Craig Carrington, Executive Vice President of Ford Pro FinSimple, underscores the significance of Ford Pro Insure as part of Ford Pro’s end-to-end support for businesses. Dax Craig, Co-founder and President of Pie Insurance, expresses enthusiasm for the strategic growth of Ford Pro Insure and collaboration with Ford Pro to help small business owners reduce fleet ownership costs and concentrate on running their businesses. Ford Pro FinSimple, specializing in commercial financing and insurance, is dedicated to supporting businesses transitioning to electric vehicles within the broader Ford Pro ecosystem.

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