Gen Z Chooses Tools Over Textbooks: The Rise of the Toolbelt Generation

Gen Z is rejecting traditional college paths and embracing skilled trades like auto repair. This “Toolbelt Generation” values hands-on work, avoids student debt, and enjoys job security in a growing field. CmySkills is a platform that connects these technicians with shops, using a unique skills-based system to ensure a perfect fit.

Here’s why Gen Z is going for tools:

  • Hands-on work: They enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the direct impact of their work.
  • Financial benefits: Vocational training is cheaper and faster than college, avoiding student debt.
  • Job security: Automation can’t replace skilled mechanics, and the demand is high.
  • Tech integration: Modern auto repair uses advanced diagnostics and electronics, appealing to the tech-savvy generation.
  • CmySkills is a community for these passionate professionals, offering:
  • Skills-based matching: Technicians showcase their expertise, and shops find the right fit quickly.
  • Community support: Forums and social media groups provide learning and problem-solving resources.

Read the report to get in the know:

The future is hands-on, and CmySkills empowers Gen Z to thrive in the auto repair industry. For those interested in staying updated with trends in the automotive repair industry, make sure to follow us on Instagram @CmySkills. For more insights into the automotive repair industry, stay tuned to our blog at

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