IIHS Survey Says Most Drivers OK with Next-Generation Anti-Speeding Tech in Vehicles

A new survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that most of American drivers are open to using technology to help reduce speeding. The survey found that over 60% of drivers would be OK with a system that provides audible and visual warnings when they exceed the speed limit. Surprisingly, nearly half of those surveyed would also accept features that make it harder to accelerate or automatically restrict speed altogether.

The IIHS believes Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems can reduce speeding and save lives. ISA uses GPS and speed limit databases to warn drivers when they exceed the limit. The survey results indicate that US drivers may be more receptive to ISA than previously thought. There is a clear preference for warning systems over those that take control of the vehicle’s speed. 

However, many drivers would still be open to using more restrictive features, especially if it meant lower insurance premiums or if the system was designed with a higher tolerance for highways and a lower threshold for areas with pedestrians and cyclists.

Read more: https://collisionweek.com/2024/06/13/iihs-survey-says-most-drivers-ok-with-next-generation-anti-speeding-tech-in-vehicles/

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