Luminar presents Automatic Emergency Steering at CES

At the Consumer Technology Association Conference (CES) in Las Vegas, Luminar Founder and CEO Austin Russell showcased the company’s new Automatic Emergency Steering (AES) technology utilizing the Iris+LiDAR sensor. The demonstration illustrated a Luminar-equipped vehicle successfully swerving around a pedestrian dummy and promptly engaging automatic emergency braking (AEB) upon encountering a tire on the road, overcoming the typical challenges faced by AEB systems in detecting dark objects. Russell emphasized that Luminar’s AES can make decisions within less than a second in both daytime and nighttime conditions. The Iris+LiDAR sensor, with the ability to detect dark objects at night up to 300 meters away, holds promise for enhancing safety features in vehicles.

Russell also revealed a collaboration with Mercedes AMG, presenting a concept F1 Mercedes-Benz Safety Car equipped with Luminar technology. The company’s focus on safety features, rather than venturing into fully autonomous driving, aligns with its goal of addressing the implications of vehicle accidents. Luminar has achieved significant milestones, including a successful Run at Rate Production test for Volvo Cars and partnerships with Mercedes and Polestar, signaling the growing integration of its technology into next-generation vehicles.

The emphasis on safety features aims to provide drivers with enhanced capabilities, potentially reducing accidents and, consequently, insurance claims, according to Russell. Ongoing studies with Swiss Re on safety features for both consumer and commercial vehicles further underscore Luminar’s commitment to advancing automotive safety technology.

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