Navigating the Technical Terrain: The Role of Subletting in ADAS Services

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) represent a leap forward in vehicle safety and performance. At CmySkills, we’re aware of these challenges and their impact on the automotive repair industry. We surveyed our 400,000 Instagram followers, focusing on the prevalence of subletting ADAS services.

Subletting: A Common Response to Specialized Demands

The survey revealed that 80% of respondents indicated their shops regularly sublet more technical ADAS scanning and calibration tasks to third-party specialists. 

Why Subletting in ADAS Matters – Pros & Cons


– Technical Complexity: Complex electronics and software, requiring specialized equipment and expertise that many shops may not have in-house.

– Quality Assurance: Shops are prioritizing quality and safety by seeking specialized services to ensure ADAS systems function correctly.

– Resource Management: Subletting allows shops to manage their resources efficiently, focusing on their core competencies while leveraging the skills of experts in the ADAS field.


– Longer cycle time:  Subletting means your job is subject to the availability of sublet resources.  If you are not a priority (low volume) to your sublet provider, it slows cycle time, impacting the KPI’s.

– Higher cost:  Sublet costs are widely variable and having an inconsistent line item rate for scanning and/or calibration also impacts how insurers view the consistency of your work

The 20% That Stand Alone

20% of shops not subletting may either possess the necessary technical capabilities or perhaps do not encounter ADAS servicing frequently. This highlights a divide in the industry—between those who invest in specialized in-house capabilities and those who strategically partner with other experts.


The results point to a clear conclusion: The automotive industry is reliant on a network of specialized services to meet the demands of modern vehicle technologies. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

For shops, this may be a call to invest in training and equipment to bring ADAS servicing in-house. For technicians, it’s an opportunity to specialize in a field that’s in high demand. And for the industry, it’s a chance to elevate standards of safety and service quality.

ADAS technologies have changed the game, and the industry must adapt through collaboration, education, and investment in specialized skills. At CmySkills, we’ll continue to support our community through this evolution, ensuring our followers grow to leaders in the automotive service industry’s future.

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