OEMs, analysts share expected automotive trends that will shape 2024

Brand Innovators has gathered insights from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) regarding anticipated trends in artificial intelligence (AI), electric vehicles (EVs), and sustainability for the upcoming year. Automakers, including Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz, foresee a continued rise in EV adoption and advancements in autonomous vehicles. Young drivers’ growing environmental concerns are expected to drive increased demand for EVs and related infrastructure. Additionally, there is a collective emphasis on sustainability in vehicle manufacturing processes and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Goldman Sachs’ Cars 2025 report predicts key trends over the next decade, including a surge in electric engine adoption (25% by 2025) and a focus on reducing overall vehicle weight. The report also anticipates increased self-driving cars, changes in the supply chain for fuel-efficient vehicles, the entry of new tech innovators in the automotive space, a rise in connected vehicles, and a shift towards emerging markets. As the automotive industry undergoes a significant transformation, industry professionals advise repair facilities to prepare for these changes by fostering a strong company culture, aligning with evolving missions and visions, and adapting to emerging technological trends.

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