SAE releases standardized ADAS terms and definitions

In line with the dynamic evolution of the mobility industry driven by Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), SAE International has released a groundbreaking report, Active Safety Systems Sensor Calibration Terms and Definitions J3262 202312. With over 30 meticulously defined terms associated with active safety systems, sensors, and calibrations, the aim is to establish a common language across the industry. This move towards standardization, endorsed by the SAE Active Safety Systems Standards Committee, is heralded as a crucial step in maximizing the potential of ADAS technologies, ensuring safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Christian Thiele, SAE’s director of Global Ground Vehicle Standards, underscores the pivotal role of standardized terminology in enhancing safety, regulatory compliance, and consumer understanding. By clarifying the functionalities and limitations of ADAS technologies, consumers can make informed decisions, while regulators can craft enforceable guidelines. Also, the standardized language fosters seamless communication within the industry, facilitating cross-compatibility, and integration, ultimately driving innovation and consumer trust in automotive technology.

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