TechForce Foundation Report Shows First Increase in a Decade in all Tech School Completions

Tech schools are experiencing a positive shift as there is an increase in student completions across all segments for the first time in a decade, indicating a changing perception and improved viability of technician careers. The TechForce Foundation’s 2023 Technician Supply & Demand Report highlights this encouraging trend, covering projections for the next five years in demand for new entrant technicians and the supply of graduates from postsecondary tech schools and community colleges. Despite the positive development in collective completions of postsecondary automotive, collision, diesel, and aviation programs, the industry still faces a significant workforce shortage, with a demand for 795,000 new technicians over the next five years.

While the report shows a 4.3% growth in the technician workforce from 2021 to 2022, surpassing the overall US Labor Force’s growth of 4.0%, the gap between demand and supply persists. The data indicates that the automotive sector requires 495,000 new technicians, diesel technicians need 152,000, collision repair demands 110,000, and aviation and avionics seek 68,000 new hires.

Despite the decrease in open positions and the growth in employed technicians and postsecondary technical program graduates, challenges remain, especially in Collision Repair, with 6.7 jobs available for every graduate. TechForce Foundation emphasizes the need for continued efforts to inspire and support students pursuing the technician career path, addressing financial barriers through scholarships and grants.

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