TechForce opens survey on career wants and needs of students and newly employed technicians

The TechForce Foundation is taking action to combat the technician shortage by launching a survey called “Techs Talk.” Unlike traditional technician surveys that primarily gather data from older generations, “Techs Talk” specifically targets aspiring and newly employed technicians, particularly Gen Z. This strategic approach aims to gain valuable insights into the perspectives, values, and experiences of this younger demographic.

TechForce hopes to leverage this data to address the critical technician shortage. There’s a significant job market imbalance, with three openings available for every graduate. However, many young people are deterred from entering the field due to reasons like high training and tool costs, unclear career paths, and work-life balance concerns. 

By understanding the specific needs and desires of this new generation of technicians, TechForce can work with educational institutions and employers to create a more attractive and sustainable technician career path.

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