Tesla still interested in ‘durable glass’ for vehicles, files new patent

Tesla is back in the glass game with a newly filed patent for “Durable Glass for Vehicles.” This comes after their 2019 mishap with the “unbreakable armor glass” demonstrated on the Cybertruck. The patent outlines a multi-layered approach for vehicle windshields, offering various options for layers and thicknesses. While it doesn’t specify a particular vehicle, it aims to enhance durability, potentially avoiding the embarrassment of past demonstrations.

Despite the rocky start, Tesla seems to have regained confidence in its glass technology. After the Cybertruck’s glass passed a baseball test during a delivery event, the company started selling stickers resembling broken windows, which quickly sold out. Despite safety concerns raised by some professionals about the Cybertruck’s design, others believe it’s premature to judge. With Tesla’s commitment to safety, there’s optimism that the Cybertruck will meet high standards, although debates about its impact linger.

Read more: https://www.repairerdrivennews.com/2024/03/01/tesla-still-interested-in-durable-glass-for-vehicles-files-new-patent/

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