U.S. to soften tailpipe rules, slow EV transition through 2030, reports say

The Biden administration plans to ease yearly requirements of its ambitious plan to reduce vehicle emissions and promote electric vehicle (EV) sales through 2030. This decision comes after automakers and the United Auto Workers voiced concerns about the rapid transition to EVs, citing cost barriers for consumers and the need for more charging infrastructure. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initially proposed a 56% reduction in vehicle emissions by 2032, with expectations for EVs to constitute 60% of new vehicle production by 2030. However, under the revised plan, the pace of emissions requirements will be slowed, likely resulting in EVs accounting for less than 60% of total vehicle production by 2030.

The revised proposal aims to strike a balance between environmental goals and industry concerns, with stakeholders like the Alliance for Automotive Innovation advocating for a more gradual transition. White House climate adviser Ali Zaidi emphasized the importance of smart investments and standards to ensure U.S. leadership in the global auto sector. The EPA’s forthcoming rule seeks to address various industry concerns, including reducing particulate matter emissions from gas-powered vehicles and revising fuel economy ratings for EVs.

Read more: https://www.autonews.com/regulation-safety/biden-administration-said-slow-down-ev-transition

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