A Year in Review: How Auto Technicians Find Jobs – Insights from CmySkills Surveys

In the fast-evolving world of auto repair, staying attuned to industry trends is crucial. At CmySkills.com, we take pride in engaging our extensive community of over 600,000 social media followers to understand these shifts better. Today, we’re diving into a comparison of two surveys conducted in May 2023 and May 2024. The focus? The best ways to find open positions for auto technician jobs. Let’s explore the insights and trends that have emerged over the past year.

May 2023 Survey Results

In May 2023, we asked our followers: “What is the best way to find open positions for auto technician jobs?” The responses were as follows:

– Job boards: 34%

– Word of mouth: 26%

– Look at company specific websites: 23%

– Google search: 17%

May 2024 Survey Results

A year later, we posed the same question to see how the landscape had shifted:

– Word of mouth: 40%

– Job boards: 27%

– Google search: 16%

– Look at specific company websites: 16%

 Analyzing the Trends

The Rise of Word of Mouth

One of the most significant changes between 2023 and 2024 is the increased reliance on word of mouth. In 2023, 26% of respondents favored this method, but by 2024, this number had surged to 40%. This shift highlights the growing importance of personal networks and community recommendations in the job search process. It suggests that auto technicians are increasingly trusting their peers and professional networks to find job opportunities.

Decline in Job Board Popularity

Job boards were the top choice in 2023, with 34% of the votes. However, by 2024, this preference had dropped to 27%. This decline may indicate that job seekers are finding job boards less effective or more competitive, leading them to explore alternative methods like personal referrals.

Consistent Use of Google Search

The use of Google search as a job-finding tool remained relatively stable, decreasing slightly from 17% in 2023 to 16% in 2024. This stability suggests that while Google remains a useful tool, it hasn’t seen significant changes in its perceived effectiveness among our followers.

Decreased Interest in Company Websites

Looking at specific company websites saw a notable decrease from 23% in 2023 to 16% in 2024. This drop could be due to the increased efficiency and broader reach of word of mouth and social media networks, making individual company websites less attractive for job seekers.


The data from our surveys reveal a clear trend: auto technicians are increasingly relying on personal networks to find job opportunities. This shift underscores the importance of community and trust within the industry. While job boards and Google searches remain relevant, their dominance is waning as more professionals turn to word of mouth.

For companies and recruiters, these insights emphasize the need to foster strong community relationships and leverage networks for hiring. Encouraging current employees to share job openings within their networks could prove more effective than traditional job postings.

At CmySkills.com, we are committed to keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry. These insights not only help us serve our community better but also guide auto repair businesses in optimizing their hiring strategies. Stay tuned for more surveys and updates as we continue to explore the evolving landscape of auto technician careers.

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