Building the Team: Effective Strategies for Hiring Automotive Technicians

Finding the right talent is a critical challenge for automotive shops. Technicians are the lifeblood of the industry, and hiring the best ones ensures quality service and satisfied customers. A recent survey explored various methods employed by shops to recruit new technicians, revealing some interesting insights:

Referral from Existing Staff – 34%

The most favored method, at 34%, is referrals from existing staff. The power of personal recommendations is undeniable:

1. Trust and Compatibility: Existing staff often refer candidates who share similar work ethics and fit well within the team culture.

2. Streamlined Recruitment: Staff referrals can expedite the hiring process and reduce costs associated with traditional recruitment methods.

Active Partnership with Technical Schools – 29%

Building active partnerships with technical schools is a strategy embraced by 29% of respondents:

1. Access to Emerging Talent: Technical schools are breeding grounds for new talent, equipped with the latest industry knowledge and training.

2. Long-term Collaboration: These partnerships often lead to long-term collaboration, where shops can influence curriculum to align with industry needs and ensure a steady pipeline of qualified candidates

Post on Job Boards – 24%

Posting on job boards is another popular approach, preferred by 24% of respondents:

1. Wide Reach: Job boards offer a wide reach, connecting shops with potential candidates from various backgrounds and experiences.

2. Targeted Search: Specialized automotive job boards allow for targeted postings, ensuring that the advertisement reaches the right audience.

Actively Reach Out and Recruit from Other Local Shops – 12%

12% of shops opt to actively reach out and recruit from other local shops:

1. Targeting Experienced Technicians: This approach focuses on experienced candidates who have proven their skills in similar environments.

2. Competitive Considerations: While effective, this strategy requires careful consideration of professional ethics and potential competitive dynamics within the local market.


The survey’s findings illustrate that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hiring automotive technicians. From leveraging personal connections through staff referrals to casting a wider net with job boards, or forging educational partnerships, each method offers unique advantages.

For shop owners and managers, understanding these different strategies and adapting them to fit the specific needs and culture of the shop can lead to more effective hiring.

In an industry where the quality of service is so closely tied to the skills and dedication of the technicians, finding the right hiring strategy is not just an operational consideration; it’s a cornerstone of success.

The road to building a top-notch automotive team is filled with choices. This survey sheds light on the paths taken by others in the industry, providing valuable insights for those looking to hire the best and drive their business forward.

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