Connecting with Trade School Alumni: Key Insights from CmySkills Instagram Survey


Building a professional network is crucial in any industry, especially in the specialized field of automotive repair and servicing. To understand the extent of engagement with trade school alumni networks, CmySkills conducted a survey among our Instagram community of over 300,000 followers. This survey aimed to reveal how many of our community members stay connected with their trade school alumni.

Survey Overview

The survey posed a straightforward question: “Do you participate in any way with the Alumni from your trade school?” This inquiry sought to determine the level of ongoing involvement or disengagement with their educational roots.


The responses provide a clear picture of the current state of alumni engagement in the automotive trade community:

Yes (70%): A significant majority, 70% of respondents, indicated active participation with their trade school alumni. This high level of engagement suggests a strong recognition of the benefits that such connections can offer.

No (30%): On the other hand, 30% of the participants reported no involvement with their trade school alumni. This disengagement could be due to various factors such as geographical distance, lack of time, or perceived lack of relevance.


The survey results highlight the importance of alumni networks in the automotive trade sector:

1. Valuing Networking and Community: The high level of engagement reflects an understanding among professionals that maintaining connections with trade school alumni can provide ongoing support, knowledge sharing, and professional opportunities.

2. Potential Missed Opportunities**: For the 30% not engaging with alumni networks, there may be missed opportunities in terms of career advancement, mentorship, and staying updated with industry trends.

Conclusions and Suggestions

For Alumni Members:

1. Maximize Networking Opportunities: For those already engaging with their alumni networks, continue to leverage these relationships for mutual growth, mentorship, and staying informed about industry advancements.

2. Reconnect with Alumni Associations: For those who have not been active, consider re-engaging with your alumni community. These networks can be a valuable resource for career development, continuous learning, and personal growth.

For Trade Schools and Educational Institutions:

1. Foster Strong Alumni Networks: Encourage current students to join and participate in alumni networks. Highlight the benefits of such engagement through success stories and networking events.

2. Engage Alumni in Current Programs: Involve alumni in mentorship programs, guest lectures, and workshops to enrich the educational experience of current students and strengthen the alumni community.

For the Automotive Repair Industry:

1. Recognize the Value of Alumni Networks: Industry stakeholders should acknowledge the importance of these networks in fostering a skilled and connected workforce.

2. Support Initiatives that Connect Professionals: Encourage initiatives that bring together professionals from different cohorts and schools, facilitating a broader exchange of ideas and experiences.

The survey from CmySkills underscores the importance of trade school alumni networks in the automotive repair industry. As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities in this field, fostering strong connections with our educational past can play a crucial role in our professional present and future.

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