Deciphering the Value of Automotive Certifications: Insights from a recent CmySkills Survey


In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive repair industry, certifications play a pivotal role in defining a technician’s career trajectory and income potential. To understand the perceived value of various certifications, CmySkills conducted a survey among our Instagram community of over 300,000 followers, inquiring about which certifications are believed to offer the most future income value.

Survey Overview

Participants were asked to choose from four prominent certifications: I-CAR, ASE, ADAS, and OEM, to determine which they believe holds the most promise for future income.


The responses from the community reveal insightful trends:

I-CAR (38%): Leading the pack, I-CAR certification is seen as the most valuable, with 38% of respondents identifying it as the top choice for future income potential. This may be attributed to I-CAR’s comprehensive training in collision repair, which is essential in today’s rapidly changing automotive industry.

OEM (23%): Close behind, OEM certifications were chosen by 23% of respondents, reflecting the growing importance of brand-specific knowledge and skills in the repair of modern vehicles.

ADAS (22%): ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) certifications garnered 22% of votes. This highlights the increasing relevance of electronic and safety systems in vehicles, and the need for specialized skills to service them.

ASE (16%): ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifications, while still valued, ranked lowest in this survey at 16%. This could be due to the broad nature of ASE certifications compared to more specialized training


The survey indicates a clear preference for certifications that offer specialized, brand-specific, and advanced technology training.

1. Preference for Specialization: I-CAR’s leading position suggests a high value placed on specialized collision repair skills, which are crucial in an industry facing increasingly complex vehicle designs and repair techniques.

2. Brand-Specific Skill: The importance given to OEM certifications underscores a trend towards brand specialization, likely driven by the unique technologies and repair methodologies of different vehicle manufacturers.

3. Rising Importance of ADAS: The significant interest in ADAS certifications reflects the industry’s shift towards more technologically advanced vehicles, where understanding and servicing driver-assistance systems are becoming increasingly important.

4. The Solid Foundation of ASE: Despite ranking lower, ASE certifications still hold significant value, providing a broad foundation of automotive knowledge and skills.

Conclusions and Recommendations

For Technicians:

1. Pursue Specialized Training: Focus on obtaining certifications like I-CAR to stay competitive and meet the demands of modern collision repair.

2. Embrace Brand-Specific Skills: Consider OEM certifications to align with specific brand needs and dealership opportunities.

3. Stay Ahead with ADAS: As vehicle technology advances, acquiring ADAS certifications can position you as a specialist in a rapidly growing niche.

For Repair Shops and Employers:

1. Invest in Employee Training: Encourage and support your technicians in obtaining these certifications to enhance the shop’s service capabilities and reputation.

2. Adapt to Market Needs: Stay informed about the evolving trends in vehicle technology and align your services with the most sought-after skills.

For the Automotive Industry:

1. Highlight Training Opportunities: Promote the value of these certifications more broadly to ensure that the workforce is equipped to meet future challenges.

2. Support Continuous Learning: Foster an environment of ongoing education and skill development to keep pace with technological advancements.

As the automotive repair industry continues to evolve, staying current with certifications is more important than ever. CmySkills remains dedicated to providing insights and resources to help our community navigate these changes and capitalize on the opportunities they present.

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