Does I-CAR Certification Boost Your Market Value? Insights from the CmySkills Community

In an industry as specialized as automotive repair, credentials can carry a lot of weight. One such certification that often crops up in conversations is I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair). But how much does this certification really matter when it comes to market value and job applications?

To gain a better understanding, we conducted a survey among our Instagram community of over 250,000 followers at CmySkills. We posed the question: “Does an I-CAR certification increase your market value when applying for a new job?”

The results were as follows:

– Yes: 55%

– No: 27%

– Don’t Know: 19%

I-CAR Certification: A Majority See The Value

With 55% responding “Yes,” it’s clear that a majority believe an I-CAR certification has a positive impact on market value. These credentials are recognized throughout the industry and often serve as a benchmark for skills and quality in auto repair. Technicians with I-CAR certifications are often seen as more desirable by employers who value this specialized training, thereby potentially commanding higher salaries and better job opportunities.

 A Skeptical Quarter: Does It Really Matter?

Interestingly, 27% responded that I-CAR certification does not impact market value. This could be because some employers place more weight on experience, specialized skills, or other forms of certification. It’s also possible that in some markets or niches within the industry, I-CAR certification may not be as crucial.

The Unsure 19%: A Room for Exploration

The 19% who answered “Don’t Know” indicate that there is some level of uncertainty or lack of information about the value of I-CAR certification. This suggests that there might be a need for more awareness and education around this topic.


1. I-CAR is a Valuable Asset but Not the Only One: While a majority see the value in having an I-CAR certification, it’s important to note that it’s not the end-all, be-all. Other factors like experience, other certifications, and specialized skills also play a role in employability.

2. Be Informed and Educate Others: The 19% of respondents who are unsure about the value of I-CAR certification point towards a knowledge gap. Industry stakeholders should aim to educate technicians on the pros and cons of various certifications.

3. Context Matters: The effectiveness of an I-CAR certification can vary depending on the job market, the employer’s preferences, and the specific niche within the auto repair industry. 

4. Stay Up-To-Date: As the industry evolves, so do the certifications that matter. Keep an eye on what’s being valued currently and be prepared to adapt.


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