Embracing AI in Career Development: Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Survey on Virtual Resumes


In an age where technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping how we approach career development, CmySkills sought to understand the willingness of automotive professionals to integrate AI into their professional branding. We asked our Instagram community of over 380,000 followers if they would be interested in a free AI-generated virtual resume based on their skills and certifications. The response was enlightening.

Survey Results

The feedback from our community was as follows:

Yes: 65%

No: 18%

Maybe: 17%


High Interest in AI-Generated Resumes

A significant 65% of respondents showed interest in using AI to create virtual resumes. This reflects a growing trend among professionals to leverage technology for career advancement and personal branding. AI-generated resumes can provide a modern, efficient way to showcase skills and achievements, tailored to the evolving needs of the job market

Skepticism and Uncertainty Remain

 While the majority are open to the idea, 18% of participants are not interested, and 17% are uncertain. This hesitance could stem from concerns about the effectiveness of AI in capturing the nuances of one’s professional experience or a general reluctance to rely on technology for personal branding.


The survey highlights a clear interest among automotive professionals in adopting new technologies like AI for career development. The majority see the potential benefits of AI-generated virtual resumes, such as time-saving, personalized, and dynamically updated profiles that keep pace with their evolving skills and experiences.

However, the skepticism and uncertainty expressed by a portion of the respondents underline the need for clear communication about the capabilities and limitations of AI in this context. It’s important to address concerns about the authenticity and personalization of AI-generated content.

For CmySkills, these insights provide a valuable direction for future offerings. The interest in AI-based services suggests an opportunity to develop tools that can assist professionals in showcasing their skills more effectively. However, it’s equally important to ensure these tools are user-friendly and transparent in how they translate a user’s profile into a compelling resume.

This survey not only reflects the readiness of automotive professionals to embrace AI in their career development but also guides us in tailoring our services to meet their needs and expectations.

CmySkills is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and ensuring our community has access to cutting-edge tools and resources. We believe that embracing AI in career development can open new opportunities for professionals in the automotive industry.

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