Embracing or Avoiding EV Repair Work: Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Community Survey


The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, with electric vehicles (EVs) becoming increasingly prominent. This shift presents new challenges and opportunities for repair shops. To understand how shops are adapting to this change, CmySkills conducted a survey among our Instagram community of over 300,000 followers. The survey aimed to find out whether shops actively seek EV repair work, shy away from it, or engage in it to a limited extent.

Survey Overview

Respondents were asked to categorize their approach to EV repair work into one of three options: actively seeking EV work, staying away from EV work, or doing some EV work, but not focusing on it.


The responses provide a fascinating glimpse into the current state of the automotive repair industry regarding EVs:

Actively Seeks EV Work (44%): Nearly half of the shops are actively seeking EV repair work. This proactive approach indicates a willingness to embrace new technologies and adapt to the changing automotive landscape.

Stays Away from EV Work (40%): A significant portion of respondents, 40%, prefer to stay away from EV repair work. This hesitation could be due to various factors, such as the need for specialized training, equipment, or perceived challenges in EV repair.

Does Some, But Not a Focus Area (16%): A smaller group of 16% does some EV work but does not consider it a primary focus. This approach might reflect a cautious entry into the EV market or a strategy to gradually integrate EV services.


The survey results highlight several key trends:

1. Growing Embrace of EV Technology: The fact that a substantial number of shops are actively seeking EV work suggests a growing recognition of the importance and potential profitability of this market.

2. Hesitation Due to Challenges: The reluctance to engage in EV repair work highlights the challenges faced by some shops, possibly including the need for specialized skills, tools, and the rapid pace of technological advancement in EVs.

3. Balanced Approach by Some: The shops that engage in EV repair work to some extent but do not focus on it might be taking a balanced approach, gradually adapting to market demands while managing their core competencies.


The results of the CmySkills Instagram community survey paint a diverse picture of the automotive repair industry’s response to the rise of electric vehicles. The industry seems split between early adopters who actively seek out EV repair work and those who are hesitant or cautious about this transition.

For auto repair shops, this survey underscores the need to consider how they position themselves in a rapidly evolving market. Shops actively seeking EV work are positioning themselves at the forefront of an emerging and potentially lucrative sector. In contrast, those avoiding EV work might need to reassess their strategies as EVs become more common.

This divergence also represents an opportunity for training and development organizations. There is a clear need for more specialized training and resources to help repair shops acquire the skills and confidence to work with EVs.

As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, CmySkills remains committed to providing insights and resources to help our community navigate these changes. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more industry analysis and trends.

This blog post offers a framework for discussing the results of your survey on EV repair work preferences among automotive repair shops. Tailor the content to fit your specific audience and the nuances of your actual survey results for a more targeted approach.

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