Embracing the Future: The Shift Towards EV Repair Training in Automotive Shops


The automotive industry is rapidly transitioning towards electric vehicles (EVs), presenting both challenges and opportunities for repair shops and technicians. To gauge how this shift is being addressed, CmySkills conducted a survey among our vibrant Instagram community of over 300,000 followers. The focus was on understanding whether automotive shops are proactively training technicians in EV repair skills.

Survey Overview

The survey asked a simple yet crucial question: “Is your shop proactively training techs on EV repair skills?” This question aimed to uncover the readiness of repair shops in adapting to the burgeoning field of EV technology.


The responses provide a clear indication of the industry’s direction:

Yes (72%): A significant majority, 72%, affirmed that their shops are actively training technicians in EV repair skills. This suggests a strong industry-wide move towards embracing EV technology and preparing for the future of automotive repair

No (28%): However, 28% reported that their shops are not yet focusing on EV repair training. This could be due to various factors such as resource constraints, lack of awareness, or uncertainty about the pace of EV adoption.


The survey results highlight a pivotal shift in the automotive repair industry:

1. Proactive Adaptation to EV Technology: The majority’s engagement in EV training reflects an awareness of the changing automotive landscape and a commitment to staying relevant and competitive.

2. Challenges for Shops Not Yet Adapting: The significant minority not engaging in EV training points to potential challenges in keeping pace with industry evolution, which could impact their future competitiveness.

Conclusions and Recommendations

For Automotive Repair Shops:

1. Prioritize EV Training: Shops currently not offering EV training should consider investing in it to stay ahead in the industry. This can be a key differentiator in attracting business as EV adoption increases.

2. Utilize Available Resources: Leverage training resources from manufacturers, industry associations, and technical schools to develop in-house EV repair expertise.

For Technicians:

1. Seek EV Training Opportunities: Technicians should proactively seek out EV training to enhance their skill set and value in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

2. Advocate for Training in the Workplace: If employed in shops that do not currently offer EV training, technicians can advocate for such training, highlighting its importance for future business growth.

For the Automotive Industry:

1. Support Training Initiatives: Industry bodies should facilitate access to EV training resources, making it easier for shops and technicians to acquire necessary skills.

2. Promote Awareness of EV Trends: Continued efforts to educate the industry about the growing significance of EVs and the need for specialized repair skills are vital.

The survey from CmySkills demonstrates a proactive stance taken by a majority of automotive repair shops in training technicians for EV repairs. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing EV technology and training will be crucial in ensuring that repair shops remain competent and competitive in the new automotive landscape.

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