Embracing the Tools of Tomorrow: How Gen Z’s Shift to Trade Skills is Reframing Success

The landscape of employment is undergoing a seismic shift, one that’s resonating deeply with Generation Z. As a community deeply entrenched in the practical skills sector, CmySkills.com has been at the forefront of this change, championing the move away from the traditional ‘desk job’ toward a future rich with opportunity in skilled trades.

The Rise of the New Collar Worker

Our community, with over 500,000 followers, is a testament to the burgeoning trend of young adults choosing hammers over headsets, and software over suits. These young professionals are shunning the four-year degree, once seen as the golden ticket to success, and instead are investing in their future through vocational education. 

As the Wall Street Journal highlights, vocational-focused community colleges saw a 16% uptick in enrollment from 2022 to 2023, with particular interest in construction programs. This isn’t just a fad; it’s a thoughtful pivot to industries that promise stability and growth.

Why Trade School? Follow the Money… and the Debt

CmySkills.com has long understood what’s becoming increasingly apparent: the allure of high salaries can no longer mask the mountain of debt accompanying a four-year degree. Our community echoes this sentiment, having discussions and sharing experiences that emphasize the economic savvy behind learning a trade. 

Indeed, the earnings speak for themselves – median pay for construction workers surged by over 5% to $48,089 last year. This figure outstrips the starting pay in many ’email job’ sectors, showcasing that the skilled trades are not just about making a living, but making a good one.

The CmySkills.com Advantage

Within the CmySkills community, there’s a shared recognition that while software is innovative, it can’t replace the human element in many skilled trades – at least, not yet. Amidst the backdrop of advancements in AI, our members feel more secure in their blue-collar roles, viewing them as less susceptible to being usurped by technology.

Our forums on Instagram, TikTok Facebook and other social platforms are vibrant with stories of members stepping into their power, equipped with tools and training that propel them into fulfilling careers. 

In Summary: The New-Collar Boom

The evidence is clear: Gen Z is leading the charge towards a future where skilled labor is not only respected but sought after. The community at CmySkills.com personifies this shift, embracing trade skills as both a viable and noble career path. It’s a movement away from the confines of the office, into a world where work involves more than just pushing buttons – it’s about creating, fixing, and improving the tangible aspects of our world.

In this new era, the measure of a good job isn’t just about the paycheck – it’s about the satisfaction of work that can’t be condensed into an email, the pride of a craft learned and a job well done. And as we continue to support and grow with our community, we remain committed to the idea that the future belongs to those who build it – literally.


For professionals and newcomers in the automotive repair industry, understanding the diverse range of opportunities is key. While collision repair currently stands at the forefront in terms of career prospects, the other areas also offer substantial opportunities for those willing to develop the necessary skills and expertise.

CmySkills is committed to guiding automotive professionals in navigating these career paths, offering resources, training, and a platform for continuous learning and growth.

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