Encouraging the Next Generation: A Career in Automotive Service, Maintenance, and Repair

The automotive industry has always been a field full of innovation, excitement, and opportunity. With the evolution of technology and the growing importance of sustainable transportation, the industry is more vibrant than ever. But would industry experts encourage a young person to pursue a career in automotive service, maintenance, and repair? A recent survey of the over 195,000 followers on the CmySkills.com Instagram Feed reveals intriguing insights.

Yes – 65%

A strong majority of respondents, comprising 65%, said they would indeed encourage young people to delve into a career within the automotive field. Here’s why

1. Diverse Opportunities: Whether it’s servicing traditional vehicles or working on cutting-edge electric cars, the options are numerous and exciting.

2. Constant Growth and Learning: With ongoing technological advancements, there’s always something new to learn, providing a continual growth path.

3. Stability and Demand: As long as people use vehicles, there will always be a need for skilled technicians to maintain and repair them.

4. Sustainability Focus: With the growing shift towards eco-friendly transportation, young technicians have a chance to contribute to a greener future.

No – 35%

However, 35% of the respondents were not in favor of encouraging a career in this field. Their concerns might include:

1. Rapid Technological Changes: The pace of change can be overwhelming, requiring constant upskilling.

2. Physical Demands: The job can be physically demanding, with long hours sometimes required.

3. Perception of the Industry: Some may feel that the industry doesn’t have the prestige or recognition that other technical fields might offer.


The path towards a career in automotive service, maintenance, and repair is one filled with potential and promise, but not without its challenges. Encouragement towards this career seems to be more prevalent, with 65% of the survey participants recommending it.

Young individuals considering this field should weigh both sides, recognizing the abundant opportunities for growth, creativity, and contribution to societal advancements. Simultaneously, an awareness of the challenges can lead to a more informed and thoughtful career choice.

For educators, mentors, and employers within the automotive industry, these insights can guide how they approach and support the next generation. Emphasizing the positives while honestly addressing the concerns can lead to a more enriched, diverse, and dynamic workforce in the future.

In an era where skilled technicians are vital to our transportation needs, this survey provides valuable perspective for those navigating the road to a fulfilling career in automotive service, maintenance, and repair.

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