Exploring the Best Opportunities for Qualified Technicians in the SMR Space: Insights from CmySkills Survey

The Service, Maintenance, and Repair (SMR) sector offers a variety of career paths for qualified technicians. To identify the verticals that present the best opportunities, CmySkills.com conducted a survey among our extensive community of over 600,000 social media followers. We asked: “What vertical in the Service, Maintenance, and Repair (SMR) space provides the best opportunities for qualified technicians?” Here are the results and our analysis.

Survey Results

– Collision: 56%

– Dealer SMR: 23%

– Service Chains (Pep Boys, Goodyear, etc.): 21%

Analyzing the Data

Dominance of the Collision Sector

The survey reveals that a significant majority (56%) of respondents see the collision repair sector as offering the best opportunities for qualified technicians. This preference highlights the high demand for skilled professionals in this vertical, likely driven by the constant need for repair services due to accidents and vehicle damage.

Opportunities in Dealer SMR

With 23% of the votes, the dealer SMR sector is the second most promising area for technicians. Dealerships typically offer stable employment, access to the latest technologies and training, and the opportunity to work on a variety of vehicle makes and models. This vertical is attractive for technicians seeking a structured environment and career growth.

Potential in Service Chains

Service chains like Pep Boys and Goodyear received 21% of the votes, indicating a competitive but slightly less favored option. These chains provide technicians with diverse work experiences and often have extensive networks and resources. While they may not be perceived as offering the same level of opportunity as the collision or dealer SMR sectors, they still present valuable career paths, especially for those looking to work in a corporate environment with opportunities for advancement.

Key Takeaways

1. High Demand in Collision Repair

   – The overwhelming preference for the collision sector underscores the high demand for skilled collision repair technicians. This demand is driven by the ongoing need for vehicle repairs, ensuring steady work and job security for qualified professionals.

2. Stable Careers in Dealer SMR

   – Dealer SMR offers a promising career path with stability and opportunities for continuous learning and advancement. Technicians in this sector benefit from working with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive training programs.

3. Diverse Experience in Service Chains

   – Service chains provide varied work experiences and the chance to work on different vehicle types and issues. This vertical is ideal for technicians seeking a dynamic work environment and opportunities for growth within large organizations.


The survey results from our CmySkills community clearly indicate that the collision repair sector is perceived as offering the best opportunities for qualified technicians. However, both dealer SMR and service chains also present viable and attractive career paths, each with its own unique advantages. 

For technicians entering the field or looking to advance their careers, these insights can help guide their decisions on where to focus their efforts. For employers, understanding these preferences can assist in tailoring their recruitment strategies to attract and retain top talent.

At CmySkills.com, we are dedicated to providing valuable insights and resources to support the professional growth of technicians in the SMR space. Stay tuned for more surveys and industry updates as we continue to explore and share the trends shaping the future of automotive service, maintenance, and repair.

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