Finding the Right Technician Job: What Matters Most?

When it comes to finding a new technician job in the bustling automotive industry, choosing the right platform is a critical first step. But what factors influence technicians the most while selecting an app to find the perfect position? We conducted a survey on our CmySkills Instagram group, where we have over 200,000+ followers to understand these preferences, and the results are both fascinating and insightful.

The factors that are most important to Technicians are:

1. Free to Technician – 28%

The leading factor, with 28% of respondents prioritizing it, is that the app must be free for technicians. In an industry where every penny counts, offering a platform that doesn’t burden the user financially makes sense.

2. One Click Apply – 27%

Close behind, with 27% of respondents valuing it, is the ease of application. A “one-click apply” feature can be a massive time-saver and shows the platform’s commitment to providing a user-friendly experience.

3. Easy to Sign In/Use – 24%

The third most essential factor is the simplicity of signing in and using the app, which 24% of technicians find significant. An app that’s not only easy to navigate but also easy to start using is key to attracting users.

4. See All Open Positions First – 21%

Last but not least, having access to all open positions upfront is vital for 21% of respondents. This feature assures transparency and allows technicians to make well-informed decisions quickly.


Finding the right job can be a complex task, but with apps that focus on these essential aspects, like CmySkills, the process can become much more manageable. As the automotive industry continues to grow and evolve, having platforms that align with technicians’ needs will play a vital role in ensuring success and satisfaction.

If you’re a technician looking to make the next big step in your career, consider these factors when choosing the platform that’s right for you. And if you’re in the business of connecting technicians with their dream jobs, these insights could be the key to growing your shops exposure to the rapidly growing Technician user base at
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