How Important Are OEM Certifications to Earning Potential

In an ever-evolving automotive industry, the pursuit of excellence and professionalism is at the forefront of a successful career. Among the various accreditations available to automotive technicians, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certifications have become a topic of interest. But how vital are these certifications to earning potential? We recently conducted a survey to shed some light on this matter, and here’s what we found:

Very Important: 55%

A substantial majority of professionals in the automotive industry believe that OEM certifications are highly essential to earning potential. Earning an OEM certification means that a technician has been trained and assessed to perform repairs and services using original manufacturer parts and procedures. This ensures the highest level of quality and safety in their work.

OEM certifications not only enhance the skillset of a technician but also instill confidence in employers and customers alike. This, in turn, can lead to higher wages and opportunities within the industry.

Somewhat Important: 27%

Another significant portion of respondents acknowledged the importance of OEM certifications but to a lesser degree. These individuals recognize the value in having OEM training but believe other factors like experience, soft skills, and additional certifications can also play a vital role in determining earning potential.

Don’t Know: 10%

A fair share of respondents was uncertain about the significance of OEM certifications. This highlights the need for further education and awareness regarding the value and benefits of obtaining these certifications in the automotive industry.

Not Important: 8%

A small percentage of respondents consider OEM certifications as non-essential to earning potential. These individuals may value hands-on experience and other types of training over formal OEM recognition. Though a minority viewpoint, it’s essential to recognize that some successful technicians have forged a path without this specific certification.


OEM certifications hold considerable weight in the automotive service, maintenance and repair (SMR) field, according to the majority of respondents. With 55% viewing it as very important and 27% as somewhat important, it is clear that professionals within the industry recognize the potential impact on earning capabilities.

For those looking to elevate their careers, investing time and resources in OEM certifications can provide a competitive edge. On the other hand, it’s important to balance this pursuit with other vital aspects of professional development to create a well-rounded and successful career path.

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