How Important is Healthcare in Choosing a New Employer? Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Community

The automotive industry is rich in opportunities, but what factors influence the decision-making process when choosing a new employer? At CmySkills, we wanted to understand the role that healthcare benefits play in this critical decision. We reached out to our robust Instagram community of 180,000 followers to gather their insights. Here’s what they shared:

Extremely Important: 36%

A significant 36% of our followers stated that healthcare is extremely important when selecting a new employer. In a profession where physical well-being can be closely tied to job performance, having access to quality healthcare is paramount. For this group, a comprehensive healthcare package might be non-negotiable, reflecting a broader trend towards prioritizing well-being in the workplace.

Very Important: 37%

Closely following, 37% of respondents consider healthcare very important in their decision-making process. This group likely views healthcare as a crucial part of the total compensation package, but not the sole determining factor. While they value strong healthcare benefits, they might also weigh other aspects such as salary, work environment, and career growth opportunities.

Not a Deciding Factor: 28%

Interestingly, 28% of respondents said that healthcare is not a deciding factor in choosing a new employer. This viewpoint could come from individuals who have alternative healthcare options or prioritize other factors like job role, company culture, or location. Though they may appreciate healthcare benefits, it does not sway their decision as strongly as other considerations.


The insights from CmySkills’ Instagram community reveal a complex picture of the value placed on healthcare benefits within the automotive industry. While a substantial majority considers healthcare either extremely or very important, a noteworthy portion does not view it as a decisive factor.

Employers looking to attract top talent in the automotive field should recognize the varied perspectives on healthcare and strive to offer balanced and attractive packages that align with the diverse needs and priorities of today’s workforce.

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