How Much Time Are Auto Professionals Spending on Job Websites? CmySkills Investigates!

In the ever-changing landscape of the automotive industry, keeping an eye out for better job opportunities is often considered a smart career move. But how much time are professionals actually dedicating to this search? We turned to our vibrant community of 195k+ Instagram followers to understand their habits. Here’s what we found:

None: 47%

A surprising 47% of respondents said they spend no time looking for better opportunities on auto job websites. This could indicate a high level of satisfaction with their current roles or perhaps a reliance on other methods such as networking or internal promotions.

1-2 hours/week: 27%

The group spending 1-2 hours per week browsing auto job websites made up a significant 27% of respondents. These professionals are likely more actively engaged in seeking new challenges or advancements in their careers, investing regular time to ensure they don’t miss out on potentially rewarding opportunities.

Occasionally – a couple of times a month: 18%

Finally, 18% of respondents fall into the category of those who look for better opportunities a couple of times a month. This group might include professionals who are content but open to change, keeping an occasional eye on the market without committing significant time to the search.

Less than 1 hour/week: 9%

A small percentage of our community, 9%, said they spend less than an hour per week on job websites. This category likely represents individuals who are generally content with their positions but like to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, staying alert to any exceptional opportunities that might arise.


Our Instagram survey reveals a diverse approach to job searching within the automotive industry. While nearly half of our community is not actively looking for new opportunities online, others are dedicating varying amounts of time to this pursuit.

This data not only offers a glimpse into the current state of job satisfaction and ambition among auto professionals but also highlights the importance of providing valuable and efficient platforms for those seeking new opportunities.

At CmySkills, we are committed to empowering automotive professionals at every stage of their career. Whether you’re content with your current role or actively seeking new challenges, stay connected with us for industry insights, opportunities, and community discussions.
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