How Shop Reputation Influences Technician Employment Choices: Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Survey


In the dynamic landscape of automotive repair, the significance of a shop’s reputation within the technician community is a crucial factor influencing employment decisions. Recognizing this, CmySkills conducted a  survey of our more than 300,000 Instagram followers to uncover their thoughts on the impact of shop reputation on technicians’ choices.

Survey Overview

The survey posed a critical question: “How important is the shop’s reputation in the technician community to your decision to work there?” The responses were categorized into three options: ‘A lot,’ ‘Some,’ and ‘None.’


The findings offer insightful perspectives on the value technicians place on a shop’s reputation:

A lot (55%): A majority of respondents (55%) indicated that a shop’s reputation plays a significant role in their decision-making process. This strong majority underscores that reputation is not just a superficial aspect but a critical determinant in attracting skilled technicians.

Some (31%): A substantial proportion of participants (31%) felt that reputation matters to some extent. This suggests that while reputation is important, other factors such as salary, location, and career advancement opportunities also play a vital role in their decision.

None (13%): A smaller segment (13%) perceived that a shop’s reputation had no impact on their decision. This group might prioritize other factors more heavily or believe in forming their own opinions through direct experience.


The survey results highlight several key points:

1. Reputation as a Talent Magnet: A strong reputation serves as a magnet for attracting and retaining skilled technicians. Shops with a positive image in the community are likely to draw in more competent and committed professionals.

2. Balancing Act: While reputation is important, it’s part of a larger equation. Technicians also weigh in other factors like remuneration, work environment, and growth opportunities.

3. Diverse Perspectives: The variation in responses indicates a diverse workforce with different priorities and perceptions. Understanding this diversity is crucial for shops aiming to attract a broader talent pool.


The survey from CmySkills offers valuable insights into the technician community’s mindset. The predominant view is that a shop’s reputation significantly influences employment decisions, but it’s not the sole factor. Shops looking to attract top talent must focus on building and maintaining a strong reputation while also addressing other key employment factors.

For automotive repair companies and insurers working with CmySkills, these insights can guide strategies in talent acquisition, branding, and community engagement. Strengthening a shop’s reputation could be a strategic move in an increasingly competitive market.

To further support the technician community and stay ahead of industry trends, CmySkills will continue to provide valuable data and insights. Stay tuned for more updates and discussions on our blog and social media platforms.

This blog post can serve as a framework to discuss the importance of shop reputation in the automotive repair industry, backed by data from your survey. You can adjust the content to better fit your specific audience and marketing goals.

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