Navigating the Challenges of Sourcing EV Parts: Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Survey


The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is revolutionizing the automotive industry. However, this transition brings its own set of challenges, especially in the realm of repairs and maintenance. A critical aspect of this is the availability of parts for EV repairs. To gauge the current scenario, CmySkills conducted a survey among its Instagram following of over 380,000 auto industry professionals and enthusiasts, focusing on the issue of sourcing parts for EV repairs.

Survey Results

The responses highlighted varied experiences:

  1. Very Big Issue: 47%
  2. Somewhat of an Issue: 30%
  3. No Issue at All: 23%


The Prevalence of Parts Scarcity

Nearly half of the respondents (47%) feel that getting parts for EV repairs is a ‘Very Big Issue’. This significant percentage reflects the growing pains of the EV market, where the demand for specific EV parts often outstrips supply, leading to delays and increased repair times.

A Moderate Concern for Some

Somewhat of an Issue’, as indicated by 30% of participants, suggests a moderate level of difficulty in obtaining parts. This could be due to various factors such as location, the specific make and model of EVs, and the efficiency of the supply chain in different areas.

A Non-Issue for a Few

Interestingly, 23% of respondents do not see sourcing EV parts as an issue. This could indicate a well-established supply chain in certain regions or possibly a lesser frequency of repairs required for their specific EV models


The survey results point to a significant challenge in the EV repair industry – the timely sourcing of parts. This issue, faced by nearly half of the respondents, highlights a crucial bottleneck in the EV repair process, potentially leading to longer downtimes and customer dissatisfaction.

However, the variance in responses also suggests that the experience is not universally problematic, which could be attributed to the uneven distribution of resources and varying levels of EV adoption across different regions.

For businesses in the automotive repair industry, especially those dealing with EVs, understanding and navigating these challenges is key. Strategies such as diversifying suppliers, investing in predictive inventory management, and fostering strong relationships with manufacturers could mitigate these challenges.

Moreover, this situation underscores the need for a more robust and responsive supply chain tailored to the unique demands of the EV market. As the EV sector continues to grow, addressing these issues will not only improve operational efficiency but also enhance customer satisfaction and trust in EV technology.

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