Navigating the Employment Preferences of Automotive Technicians: Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Survey


In the dynamic world of automotive repair, understanding the employment preferences of technicians is crucial for businesses to attract and retain top talent. CmySkills, tapping into our vibrant Instagram community of over 300,000 followers, conducted a survey to uncover these preferences. The focus: would technicians prefer to work for a large Multi-Shop Operator (MSO), a dealer group, a smaller independent shop group, or is their decision primarily driven by financial considerations?

Survey Overview

The survey presented the respondents with four options: working for a large MSO, a dealer group, a small independent shop group, or having no preference and prioritizing compensation.


The responses shed light on the varied preferences of automotive technicians:

Small Independent Shop Group (45%): Almost half of the respondents favored working for smaller independent shop groups. This preference could be attributed to factors like a more personalized work environment, closer customer relationships, and a sense of community often associated with smaller businesses.

No Preference – Go Where the Money Is (22%): A significant portion of respondents (22%) indicated that their decision is primarily driven by financial considerations, underscoring the importance of competitive compensation in the industry.

Large MSO (18%): Working for large MSOs was preferred by 18% of the participants. This preference might be due to the stability, structured career paths, and extensive resources that larger organizations can offer.

Dealer Group (15%): A dealer group was the choice for 15% of technicians. This preference could stem from the opportunity to specialize in specific brands, access to brand-specific training, and potential for brand loyalty rewards.


The survey results offer several insights:

1. Preference for Smaller Settings: The strong inclination towards small independent shop groups suggests that many technicians value a more intimate, flexible, and possibly less corporate work environment.

2. Significance of Compensation: The fact that a considerable number of technicians prioritize compensation highlights the industry’s need to offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract skilled professionals.

3. Diverse Opportunities in Larger Organizations: The interest in large MSOs and dealer groups indicates a segment of the workforce seeking stability, structured growth, and brand affiliation.


The preferences expressed by the CmySkills Instagram community reveal diverse priorities among automotive technicians. For employers in the automotive repair industry, these insights are invaluable. They suggest that while many technicians seek the personal touch and independence of smaller shop groups, a notable portion is driven by financial incentives or the benefits of larger, more structured organizations.

For businesses, tailoring recruitment strategies to these preferences can be key. Small independent shops can emphasize their community-focused, flexible work culture, while larger MSOs and dealer groups can showcase their stability, career progression opportunities, and brand-specific benefits. Across all settings, competitive compensation remains a crucial factor.

As CmySkills continues to engage with and understand the automotive technician community, these insights will guide our efforts to support the industry’s growth and adapt to its changing dynamics. Stay tuned to our platforms for more industry insights and discussions.

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