Partnering with Educational Institutions: A Win-Win for Auto Shops and Technicians

The automotive industry is in a constant state of evolution, with new technologies and complex systems emerging at breakneck speed. Given this rapidly changing landscape, where do auto shops find technicians with the right skills to navigate it? And what role do educational institutions play in supplying these technicians?

To dig deeper into this subject, we turned to our extensive Instagram community of over 250,000 followers at CmySkills. We asked them: “Does your shop work actively with schools training technicians to hire new employees?” 

Here are the revealing results:

–  Yes: 72%

–  No: 28%

The Majority are Partnering with Schools: Why?

According to our survey, a resounding 72% of auto shops are actively collaborating with educational institutions that train technicians. There are numerous benefits to this approach:

1. Access to a Talent Pipeline: By working closely with schools, shops gain direct access to a pipeline of fresh, eager talent who are already learning the basics of the trade.

2. Curriculum Influence: Some shops have the opportunity to influence the curriculum, ensuring that students are learning skills that are directly applicable to real-world tasks.

3. Internships and Apprenticeships: These partnerships often allow shops to offer internships or apprenticeships, which serve as excellent training grounds for potential full-time employees.

The 28% Who Don’t: Missing Out?

Despite these advantages, 28% of shops are not yet engaged with educational institutions. Reasons could range from logistical challenges, lack of awareness, or perhaps misconceptions about the quality of candidates.


1. Educational Partnerships Are Vital: In a constantly evolving industry, having a direct line to the latest wave of trained technicians is an asset. The 72% of shops engaged in these partnerships are likely ahead of the curve in workforce development.

2. Time for the Others to Get On Board: The 28% of shops not yet engaged with schools might be missing out on a highly effective recruitment channel. They should consider the long-term benefits of such partnerships and how they could significantly ease the hiring process.

3. Expand Beyond Traditional Schools: Shops should also consider extending these partnerships to online training programs, adult education courses, and other non-traditional settings.

4. Community Engagement Is Key: The positive outcomes of these educational partnerships should be shared within the community to encourage more shops to get involved. The greater the collaboration, the stronger the industry becomes.

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