Preserving Technician Skills Online: A New Era of Professional Development

In an age of digital transformation, where everything from banking to social interactions is managed online, what about our professional skills and achievements? Specifically, within the dynamic and rapidly evolving automotive industry, would technicians like to have a dedicated space online to keep their personal skills profiles? A recent survey provides a fascinating glimpse into these preferences.

Yes – 76%

An overwhelming 76% of respondents expressed a desire to have a place online where they could keep their personal technician skills profiles, free of charge, forever. The reasons behind this strong inclination might include:

1. Accessibility: An online platform ensures that technicians’ profiles can be accessed anytime, anywhere, whether for job applications or personal growth.

2. Longevity: The idea of preserving skills and achievements forever adds value, serving as a continuous record of professional growth.

3. Networking Opportunities: An online profile might facilitate connections with other professionals in the field, fostering collaboration and community.

4. Control and Ownership: A personal profile that’s maintained by the technician allows for control over the information presented, tailoring it to specific needs or opportunities.

No – 7%

A small portion of respondents, 7%, expressed a lack of interest in this concept. Their reasons might range from privacy concerns to a preference for traditional methods of record-keeping

Don’t Care – 17%

Interestingly, 17% of technicians surveyed were indifferent about having an online space for their skills profile. This could reflect satisfaction with current systems, or perhaps a lack of perceived value in a dedicated online profile.


The results of this survey paint a clear picture: the vast majority of automotive technicians see value in having an online repository for their skills profiles. In a world that continues to move towards digitization, this isn’t just a trend; it’s a reflection of the way professionals are adapting to new ways of working, learning, and growing.

For OEM’s, automotive repair companies, educational institutions, and platforms catering to the industry, understanding this desire provides an opportunity. Creating a space that not only meets the demand for online profiles but also ensures security, ease of use, and opportunities for growth could be a groundbreaking step in professional development within the automotive field.

The next generation of technicians is embracing technology not just in their work but also in how they present and develop themselves professionally. The time might be ripe to meet them where they are, providing the tools, platforms, and support they need to thrive in an ever-changing industry. CmySkills does this today.  Put your free profile online, browse open positions at today!
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