The Most Valued Industry Technician Organizations: Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Survey


In the ever-evolving world of automotive repair and service, staying updated with the latest training and industry insights is crucial for technicians. To understand which organizations are leading the way in providing value, CmySkills conducted a survey among its vast Instagram following of over 380,000 professionals and enthusiasts. Four major organizations were in contention: I-CAR, ASE, SCRS, and SEMA.

Survey Findings

The results are in, and they speak volumes about the preferences and perceptions in our community. Here’s how the votes tallied up:

  1. I-CAR: 43%
  2. ASE: 16%
  3. SCRS: 14%
  4. SEMA: 28%


I-CAR: The Leading Choice

With a commanding 43% of the vote, I-CAR emerges as the top organization valued for its training and industry insights. Known for its comprehensive courses and certifications, I-CAR’s focus on collision repair education aligns well with the needs of modern technicians.

SEMA: A Strong Contender

SEMA, with its 28%, shows its strength in the industry. SEMA’s influence extends beyond training, touching upon automotive specialties and aftermarket innovations, which resonates well with technicians looking for a broader perspective.

ASE: The Foundation of Excellence

 Although ASE received 16% of the vote, its role in certifying technicians’ skills cannot be overstated. ASE’s rigorous testing ensures a standard of excellence and proficiency in the automotive repair industry.

SCRS: Specialized and Significant

SCRS, with 14%, may have a smaller share, but its impact on the collision repair segment is significant. It focuses on advocacy and education tailored to the specific needs of collision repair professional


The survey underscores a vital aspect of the automotive repair industry: the need for continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies. I-CAR’s lead in the poll reflects its alignment with current industry demands, particularly in the area of collision repair. However, the diverse support for other organizations like SEMA, ASE, and SCRS highlights the multifaceted nature of training and development needs in the automotive repair sector.

As professionals in the industry, staying connected with these organizations can significantly impact our skills and understanding. For companies and individuals in the automotive service and repair field, aligning with these organizations’ offerings could be key to staying competitive and proficient.

CmySkills remains committed to providing insights and opportunities for growth to our community. We encourage our followers and partners to engage with these organizations, furthering their professional development and contributing to the collective advancement of our industry.

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