The Rise of In-House Technician Training Programs: Insights from the CmySkills Community

In today’s competitive automotive industry, acquiring and retaining top-notch technicians is more critical than ever. As vehicles become increasingly complex, the skills required to service them evolve rapidly. How are shops coping with this fast-paced change, especially when it comes to training their technicians?

We recently conducted a survey among our robust Instagram community of over 250,000 followers at CmySkills to explore this question: “Does your shop have its own paid technician training program? A program to earn and learn?”

Here’s how our community responded:

– Yes: 66%

–  No: 34%

The Growing Trend of In-House Training

According to the survey, a significant 66% of shops have their own paid technician training programs. These in-house initiatives offer technicians the chance to “earn while they learn,” thereby increasing their skill set while staying engaged in their work environment.

In-house training programs provide a win-win situation for both the shop and the technicians. The shop benefits from having a more skilled workforce that is versatile, up-to-date, and likely more committed to their jobs. On the other hand, technicians appreciate the investment in their development, which increases job satisfaction and loyalty.

The 34%: What’s Holding Them Back?

Though a majority of shops have jumped on the in-house training bandwagon, 34% still haven’t. The reasons could range from the cost and resource allocation to a lack of awareness about the long-term benefits of such programs. It’s crucial for these shops to understand that the initial investment in training pays off exponentially in terms of quality of work, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.


1. In-House Training is No Longer Optional: With two-thirds of shops offering in-house training programs, it’s becoming a standard practice rather than an added perk. Shops without such programs risk falling behind in both skill and competitiveness.

2. Investment in Training Equals Employee Loyalty: Shops that invest in in-house training programs are likely to enjoy higher retention rates. Technicians are more likely to stay where they feel valued and see opportunities for growth.

3. It’s Time for the Remaining Third to Catch Up: The 34% of shops that don’t yet offer in-house training need to evaluate the long-term advantages of training their workforce. Investing in a comprehensive training program can deliver a substantial ROI through increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

4. Community Knowledge- Sharing is Key: Platforms like CmySkills provide valuable spaces for shops to learn from each other, share best practices, and even design more effective training programs.


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