The Role of Online Communities in the Automotive Technician Landscape: Insights from CmySkills’ Instagram Survey


In the digital age, online communities have become vital platforms for knowledge sharing, networking, and professional development. Recognizing this, CmySkills conducted a survey among our Instagram community of over 300,000 followers to understand the level of engagement automotive technicians have with Facebook Auto Technician Groups. These groups offer a space for professionals to connect, share experiences, and stay updated on industry trends.

Survey Overview

The survey sought to determine the extent of active participation in Facebook Auto Technician Groups among our community members.


The responses reveal a significant engagement with online professional communities:

Active Participation (62%): A notable 62% of respondents indicated active participation in Facebook Auto Technician Groups. This high level of engagement reflects the importance of these online communities in the professional lives of automotive technicians.

No Participation (38%): Conversely, 38% of the technicians surveyed do not participate in these groups. This could be due to various factors, including lack of awareness, preference for other sources of information, or limited time.


The survey results highlight two distinct approaches to professional engagement in the digital space:

1. Value of Online Communities: The majority’s active involvement in Facebook groups underscores the perceived value of these platforms for networking, knowledge exchange, and staying abreast of industry developments.

2. Potential Untapped Resource: The significant percentage of technicians not participating in these groups suggests a potential untapped resource for professional development and industry connection.

Conclusions and Recommendations

For Technicians:

1. Engage with Online Communities: Technicians not currently participating in these groups might consider exploring them as a resource for continuous learning, networking, and career development.

2. Share Knowledge and Experiences: Active participants should continue to contribute to these communities, sharing insights and experiences that could benefit their peers.

For Employers:

1. Encourage Participation in Online Communities: Employers can encourage their technicians to join and actively participate in these groups, recognizing the value they bring in terms of professional development and industry engagement.

2. Utilize Groups for Talent Acquisition and Brand Building: Employers can also leverage these platforms for talent acquisition and enhancing their brand presence within the technician community.

For the Automotive Repair Industry:

1. Promote Digital Literacy and Engagement: Industry leaders and associations should promote the benefits of digital engagement and literacy, helping technicians to navigate and utilize these online platforms effectively.

2. Support Creation and Maintenance of Online Communities: Supporting the establishment and maintenance of professional groups on platforms like Facebook can help foster a stronger, more interconnected industry community.

The survey from CmySkills indicates a substantial engagement with Facebook Auto Technician Groups, highlighting their role as valuable platforms for professional development and networking in the automotive repair industry. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing and fostering these digital communities could play a crucial role in the continuous growth and adaptation of automotive technicians.

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