What is the Best Way to Find Open Positions for Auto Technicians?

In the dynamic world of automotive repair and maintenance, finding the right job opportunities can be both exciting and challenging. For aspiring and experienced auto technicians, knowing where to look for open positions is vital to career growth. We recently conducted a survey to understand the preferred methods that technicians utilize to find job openings. Here’s what we discovered:

Job Boards: 34%

The most popular method among respondents was job boards, with 34% preferring this route. Job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and specialized automotive industry portals offer a wide range of opportunities. From entry-level positions to seasoned technician roles, job boards compile listings from various companies, making it a one-stop shop for applicants.

Word of Mouth: 26%

Networking still plays a vital role in the job hunt, with 26% of respondents relying on word of mouth. Connections with colleagues, friends, and mentors in the industry can lead to exclusive opportunities that might not be advertised elsewhere. Building and maintaining relationships within the community can open doors to rewarding career paths.

Look at Specific Company Website: 23%

Exploring specific company websites is another effective way to find open positions, with 23% of respondents opting for this method. By focusing on particular companies that align with one’s career goals and values, applicants can find tailored opportunities and gain insight into the organization’s culture and expectations.

Google Search: 17%

Lastly, 17% of respondents utilize Google search to find job opportunities. This approach can be especially helpful for those who have specific criteria in mind, such as location, company size, or specialization. Search engines provide quick access to various resources, including company websites and job boards, allowing for a broad yet targeted job search.


The search for auto technician positions reveals a mix of traditional and modern strategies. Job boards lead the way, offering comprehensive listings, while the value of personal connections through word of mouth remains strong. Looking at specific company websites provides targeted opportunities, and search engines like Google offer a flexible, customizable approach.

For auto technicians, leveraging a combination of these methods might be the key to finding the perfect fit. Stay tuned to our blog at CmySkills.com for more insights and trends in the automotive industry, and join the conversation on our Facebook Auto Technician forums.

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